I’m back.  I have been away from my blog too long.  Thanks for staying with me, for coming back.

I like reflections and look for them when appropriate in my photography. 

The Little River in Great Smoky Mountains National Park is near the entrance on the Tennessee side and is at a relatively lower elevation in the Park, well below the elevation where the leaves had started to turn during our visit.  Nonetheless, the Monet-like appearance of the reflection of the canopies of the trees inspired me to make this image.  Despite the leaves not turning yet, there are many shades of green, a few other colors, and a patch of blue sky showing through.  Light and shade in the reflections of the canopies also adds interest to the image.  The texture in this image arises solely from the uneven surface of the water.  No filters or other post processing accounts for this impressionistic look.

Mirror-like reflections can be stunning, but don’t be dissuaded by the surface ripples caused by breeze or running water.  The relative calm of these ripples retained the visual integrity of the features reflected while creating a wholly different look to the image.