I don’t like to get up early, but I make that concession for photography, to try to make some remarkable or memorable photos.  There are some photos that you can only get in the first hour of daylight, and some you can get in only the first few minutes.  This is one such photo.  

That warm pink light on the peak lasts only minutes  This photo was taken just a few minutes after the first rays of sunlight struck the top of the peak.  

When I want to shoot the early morning light, I check out the time of sunrise and make sure I’m in my shooting location prior to that time, to stake out my spot and get my gear ready.

The photo on the left below was taken only 9 minutes later, and the one on the right 24 minutes after the April photo.  I like these, especially the one on the right.  The low and soft, early light, about 30 minutes after the first rays of sunlight, give nice definition to the textures of the mountain.  But that beautiful pink light is gone.  If only I had some dramatic clouds behind the mountain…  Maybe tomorrow.