The photo for March is the back of an apartment building.  The variations of stone caught my eye: the cobblestones, the railing and the building, and I love the curve of the railing, pulling my eye into the photograph.  Doesn’t your eye just want to follow that curve?  The shutters, doors and windows of the buildings in Uzès were so interesting to discover.   I like to imagine the history and the people these buildings have seen.

In the spirit of the coming March Madness, in truth, this was probably the last photo in (the calendar).  But, I like its elements.  As with the photo of February of Menton, it printed darker than on my screen, as you can see.  

For those whose curiosity I’ve raised about Uzès, here are some more photos about the architecture and feeling of the town.  There will be more in months to come.



Notice how the wet pavement enhances the photograph?

Who is the woman in the window?