Why did I include this?  Several people have asked me.  I know “One Wheeling in Messena Plaza, Nice” is very different from the others.  So, too, is Nice.  To me this was about colors and shapes, and the unusual position of the cyclist.  In this case the colors, apart from the bike frame and sweatshirt, are not vibrant.  But they are harmonious to my eye.  I also was drawn to the shapes and arrangement of the black and white plaza tiles.  I doubt I would have included it, or maybe even made the image, if he were riding across the plaza in the usual, two-wheeled, way.  The night capture also gives it a different look.  So it made the cut on those considerations.

So this rounds out my first year of blog and commentary on the 2021 calendar.  I hope you enjoyed it.  Soon I will introduce my eighth calendar in my blog.