April’s photo, “Vegetable Vendor and Customer, Uzès Market,” is one of my favorites in the calendar.  For starters, I love to photograph markets – so full of color in products and people.  I am drawn to them.  If I learn of a market, I’ll be there with my camera.

Then there’s so much for me in this photo that I enjoy:  the colors – of the peppers and haricots vert, of the orange and green baskets, of her blue scarf; the gestures – the customer preparing to pay, the vendor organizing the purchase and leaning across the display; the light – what woman being photographed wouldn’t want her skin bathed in that beautiful, soft light; the chalkboards – tell you we are far from home; and, that I, the photographer, don’t exist.

Here are some other photographs taken at the market in Uzès.  Colors and textures.  When you find bell peppers and tomatoes, then throw in some eggplant, the colors pop.  How about some radishes? and artichokes and grapes for texture?


The stories of the human interaction mean so much.  You sense that young boy can just taste the spread that’s about to be offered.  He’s being so patient.  What do you suppose the joke being shared between the cheese vendor and his customer is about? 


Can it be a market without the money changing hands.  To me, the lady in the hat makes this photo.